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What do we do for you as a purchasing agent?
Buying a home is an important step that you will most likely do only once in your lifetime. What should you offer? How should you negotiate? Buying a property requires expertise and experience of the local market. That is why it is recommended to bring your own purchasing agent who looks after your interests as a buyer. We are happy to take the work off your hands and advise you about the buying process.

You can hire us as your puchasing agent in the following situation:
- You are looking for your dream house and need help with your search.
- You have already found your ideal home and want our help with the negotiations.


STEP 1. Inventory of your housing requirements
In the first meeting with your purchasing agent we will make an inventory of your housing requirements. Thanks to our cooperation with a Mortgage Adviser you can immediately obtain financial advice from us.
STEP 2. The search starts
Your purchasing agent sets up a search. You will regularly receive an email with a new range of houses. Our office searches the housing market on a daily basis to find properties that meet your requirements.
STEP 3. The first viewing
When you have seen a nice property, the purchasing agent plans the first viewing to see if the house feels right to you and that you wish to go ahead with putting an offer in. Your purchasing agent takes a critical look at the structural condition of the house and the realistic market value of the house.
STEP 4. The house of your dreams
The house feels right and the price is within reach for you. If you decide to put an offer in on the house, your purchasing agent will negotiate on your behalf. Your purchasing agent has no conflict of interest and can therefore negotiate more rationally. Furthermore, your purchasing agent will look into all relevant documents such as; VvE documents, ground lease, easements, land register, zoning plan, ground information and other applicable legal documents.
STEP 5. Concept of purchase agreement
After a successful negotiation, the draft purchase agreement is drawn up and checked by your purchasing agent. Your purchasing agent will check whether all agreements that have been made are also included in the deed and whether all information is correct.
STEP 6. Sign the purchase agreement
The signing of the purchase agreement is supervised by your purchasing agent. The purchase agreement will be discussed during the signing appointment.
STEP 7. The legal transfer at the notary
Your purchasing agent checks the draft deed of delivery and the bill of settlement which are supplied by the notary in advance. Before you go to the notary, we always make a final inspection appointment at the house. The meter readings are noted during this appointment. Your purchasing agent is also present at the transfer at the notary. After this it is official. Congratulations. You have become the owner of your dream house!

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