Fequently Asked Questions

How can I make payments to A&N Vastgoed?

You can make your payments to A&N Vastgoed by transferring money to our bank account:
IBAN: NL57INGB0007534051

Address bank:
PO Box 1800
1000 BV Amsterdam
The Netherands

How many months notice do I have?

The notice period is stated in article 12 of your contract. A&N Vastgoed usually has a two months notice period so we have time to find a suitable new tenant. You can only terminate your lease from the 1st of the month. In very special cases such as in an emergency, it may be possible to cancel from the 15th. Please call us to discuss!
A cancellation form can be found in your contract folder, or you can download the form here.

I am registered but I can't log on!

Usually the log on problem has to do with the difference between capital and lowercase letters. You received a password from us by email which should be typed in using capital letters. If you are still not able to log on, please contact us by email (info@anvastgoed.nl) or call us on +31 70 358 63 91.
We will assist you immediately.

If you are able to log on, but can't view any properties, please check whether you have transferred the registration fee to account number: 75.34.051 (ING Bank) to the attention of A&N Vastgoed, The Hague.
When transferring the amount for the registration fee please make sure you state your full name!

I have a contract for a fixed time. What are the consequences if I cancel within this period?

The duration of the contract is binding and cancellation within this period is not possible. It may only be possible when the property can be immediately rented out to a new tenant or if a diplomatic clause has been included in the contract.
If you cancel the contract before it expires, you will remain accountable for the rent until the end of the contract period.
In addition, your deposit (or a part of it) could be withheld.

What are service costs?

Service costs are costs in addition to the basic rent. If the rent is not specified then the rental fee is all-in. Service costs may be: minor repairs, garbage removal, landlord service, electronic equipment, insurance, common rooms and administrative costs.

What's the difference between an inclusive and an exclusive rent?

After reading through the A&N Vastgoed listings there may be some confusion to the structuring of the rental fee. It is therefore important to understand what the rental fee includes. A&N Vastgoed rents out several types of properties:
  • Unfurnished: this means there are no floor coverings and the walls will need to be painted and decorated.
  • Furnished: there are floor coverings and the walls have been decorated and a part of the service costs are included in the rent.
  • Furnished and serviced: this is the same as furnished but also includes all services, such as gas, water and power. This is what is meant by an all-in rent. In some properties the meters are internal. Others have external meters and most of the properties with external meters usually have an all-in rental fee.

If I rent a property and the rent does not include energy and water, how much will I have to pay?

It depends on a number of things, such as: who will occupy the house, which energy provider is used, the size of the property, use of equipment and the type of insulation the property has. The provider estimates the expected use of power and water based on previous usage and charges an fixed amount per month. Once a year actual usage is compared to estimated usage and the difference must be paid by the renter if usage is higher, or received from the provider if too much has been paid. In the following overview you can find the average use per year website NIBUD. A&N Vastgoed cannot of course provide any guarantees, but as an indication we use the following norm. For a household of 1 person the energy costs are around € 150,- and for each additional person add € 50.

Through the website of our partner 'Green Choice' you will have more insights into the use of your energy. You can easily and instantly sign up for Green Energy through our website! More questions? Look at 'question and answer' or contact us.

What are council taxes and who is responsible for them?

As an inhabitant of The Hague you are faced with a number of taxes that have to be paid every year. The Council tax department invoices taxes such as Garbage removal taxes (afvalstoffenheffing) and Water treatment tax. As a tenant you are responsible for your part of the house that you rent.

Prices for garbage removal 2020:
1 person: € 242,04
2 people: € 272,04
3 or more people: € 297,60

Prices for Water treatment tax 2020:
1 person: € 214,79
2 or more people: € 403,79
(Source: http://www.denhaag.nl)

What's the difference between the free sector and the social sector?

About 75% of all the houses for rent in the Netherlands are part of the social sector and are meant for people who have difficulty in providing housing for themselves because of income or other circumstances. These houses are usually owned by large corporations. If you would like to rent a house within this sector you should check www.woonnethaaglanden.nl. A&N Vastgoed operates in the free or private sector. This market has developed because the demand for properties was larger than what was on offer from the corporations. In addition, there is also a greater demand for better and more expensive housing. A&N Vastgoed is part of a growing market that creates opportunities for an increasing population to rent properties in The Hague. Because the private sector is structured differently to the social sector, other rules apply.

How can I be kept up to date about current property listings?

Click on the 'Property listings' button on our website. This is automatically updated when changes occur. You can also register with us so that you can be kept up to date through email.

Can I put forward a friend or acquaintance as a possible tenant for the house I an now renting?

If you find a suitable candidate that matches the conditions set by A&N Vastgoed and the owner, the candidate you propose will be able to rent the house once they have registered and paid the fee.

What is an option at A&N Vastgoed?

If you are interested in a property and decide to rent it you can take an option on it. The costs of this option is a half a month's rent. What you are paying is actually a deposit and this will later be reconciled against the outstanding amount of the first month's invoice. If you take an option on a house we will reserve it for three days. A&N Vastgoed will introduce you to the owner and it is he/she that eventually decides whether you are suitable to rent the house. If the owner doesn't think you are a suitable candidate the money will be refunded to you and the property will be put back on the market again. If the owner offers the property to you and you decline after taking an option then this deposit will not be refunded. If an advertised house on our website is listed as 'in option' then the property can temporarily not be inspected.

How does A&N Vastgoed select the best candidate for a house?

When more than one party is interested in a house the owner has the final say in deciding who will be the tenant. To this end the time of registration and credit reports can be important.

To which conditions does a tenant have to comply to be able to rent a house from A&N Vastgoed?

Owners of houses and other property value tenants who have a good credit report. A&N Vastgoed has set a couple of conditions for tenants who would like to rent a house. It is therefore important that your monthly salary, before taxes, is 4 times the basic rent that has to be paid. The candidate is always selected by the owner. We reserve the right to perform a credit check of the potential candidate and all documents will be sent to the owner for approval.

Which documents do you need:
You are employed
- Copy of ID
- Copy of a recent bankslip with salary and address
- Copy of last two payslips
- Copy of your employment contract
- Employers statement
- Landlord statement (download form here)

You are a student
- Copy of ID
- Copy of a recent bankslip with address
- Copy of studentcard
- Guarantee (download form here) including copy of ID of guarantors * copy income (at least 3,5x total rent price)
- Landlord statement (download form here)

You are self employed
- Copy of ID
- Copy of Chamber of Commerce registration
- Administration of the last three years
- Landlord statement (download form here)
- If you can not provide us with the above mentioned documents a Guarantee is needed (download form from site) including copy of ID of guarantors and *copy of income (at least 4 times basic rent).

You are retired
- Copy of ID
- Copy of AOW (Dutch old age pension income slip or relevant annual statement)
- Copy of pension slip (or relevant annual statement)

Note: Candidates with a gross income lower than € 800,- and students always need to have a statement of guarantee signed by someone who can prove that they do have an income of at least 4 times the total rental price of the property which the candidate is hoping to rent. The guarantor will also need to provide the above-mentioned documents.

How do I cancel my contract?

When you sign your contract you will also receive a form that may be used to cancel your contract. You will have to fill in this form and send it to the owner as well as to A&N Vastgoed (or download it from here).
If you have lost the form you can also write a letter. It's important to state the following in your letter:
- address
- the current rent
- name of the landlord
- your name
- date of birth
- phone number
- date of cancellation and
- account number for return of your deposit.

Furthermore it is important that you date and sign the letter. You should also contact A&N Vastgoed to discuss inspection times for possible new tenants.

The lessor has two months time to pay back the deposit. The amount of your deposit is stated on your invoice. Once you have sent your cancellation form to both the landlord and A&N Vastgoed, it is very important to make an appointment with the landlord to organise a final check of the property. The contact details for the landlord can be found in your contract.

Error message at registration?

If you use Mozilla Firefox as your browser and you try to access our secure server, you may see this message: secure.anvastgoed.nl uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is not thrusted because the issuer is unknown. (Errorcode: sec_error_unknown_issuer) If this happens, you have to 'tell' Firefox to trust our website which you can do as follows:

1. Click on 'Add Exception'
2. Click on 'Get Certificate'
3. Click on (below) 'Confirm Security Exception'

Once you have done this, Firefox knows that you trust our secure server pages. Wait a moment untill the whole page is loaded before continuing.

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