A&N Real Estate: Your rental real estate agency for the management or mediation of your property at The Hague.

Are you looking for a reliable rental agency for renting out your apartment? Then at A&N Real Estate you are in good hands. A&N Real Estate is more than 20 years a professional rental real estate agency in Scheveningen/The Hague who can assist you when renting out you house.

Next to mediating between tenant and landlord you can also choose to completely leave the management of your house to us. Through the menu item Management you'll get more information of the concerning service.



STEP 1. Free intake appointment with A&N Real Estate
If you intend to rent out your property, you can contact us. One of our experienced rental staff will then visit you without obligation to discuss the rental possibilities of your property. For example, the type of tenant, the rent and the rental term are determined in good consultation. During such a meeting, we will inform you about the rental market, prices and related rental matters. For example, you can opt for home mediation or managing your home.

STEP 2. Registering of your property at A&N Real Estate
If you choose us as your rental agent, we will include your property in our database. For this, professional photos are taken and the house will be measured to make a map. After the registration of the property we will make a description of your house in Dutch and English. These texts with photos will then be sent to you for approval.

STEP 3. Putting your property online
After we have received your agreement of the description and photos, we will put the property online as soon as possible on our own website and on various online portals including Funda.nl, Pararius.nl, Huurwoningen.nl and various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In addition, all our registered home seekers (including many expats) receive automatically an email with information about your property. If desired, we can place advertising signs on the windows.

STEP 4. Viewing of potential tenant(s)
A&N Real Estate will visit the property with one or more potential tenants. When a potential tenant actually wants to rent the property, we will propose this candidate to you. But first we will judge if the potential candidates have sufficient income of course. You as landlord determines the final candidate of the house.

STEP 5. Create and sign the lease agreement
As soon as a new candidate is selected, a legally correct rental agreement will be drawn up by us. Before it is sent to the new tenant, it will first be sent to you as a landlord in draft. A&N Real Estate acts as a legal source of information at this stage. After approval by the tenant and landlord, A&N Real Estate will ensure that all necessary documents of the lease are signed. Tenant then paid the first month rent plus deposit.

STEP 6. Inspection and key transfer
When the lease has been signed by both parties, AA&N Real Estate will take care of the key transfer of the house. During the delivery a photo report will be made of the completion of the house to supplement the inspection report. Within a few days of the completion of the house, both the tenant and the landlord will receive an email containing the documents you have signed and the photos. If the rented property is managed by A&N Real Estate, A&N Real Estate will draw up the inspection report and inventory list.

Only home mediation or management?
In home mediation we look for a suitable tenant, make a contract and ensure a correct key transfer. Then the homeowner takes control again. If you prefer to outsource the management, A&N Real Estate can take that out of your hands.

Extra services
During the rental period, A&N Real Estate can offer you additional services such as guidance with purchase for the purpose of letting, administrative management, rental styling, interior design advice, cleaning service, painting and construction work.

A&N Real Estate is your professional partner for renting out your property