Investing in real estate?
This can be financially interesting, but what should you pay attention to?

Savings are not interesting with low interest rates. Investing in shares can be interesting, but risky. The return that you can get with real estate investments is - if you do well - considerably higher than savings and less risky than equities.

What kind of property should you buy?
There are plenty of options on the housing market. For example, you can opt for single-family homes, student rooms or (luxury) apartments. It is important to analyze the market for a specific category properly. Is there a need for super luxury appartments? How much rent can you ask for? How can you remodel / furnish a house as efficiently as possible?

In which neighbourhood?
A&N Vastgoed knows well in which area of The Hague which type of house is the best let. For example, it makes no sense to try to rent out a luxury apartment for expats with children in a neighborhood where there are no international schools.

What type of tenant?
Tenants have good rental protection in the Netherlands. And there are rules for drawing up a rent. Read so well and let you advise. There are of course also the tax rules.
It is often recommended to invest in some small houses or apartments up to 70m2. These are easy to rent to single people and people with a good income. With larger and more luxurious objects we reach the Expat market. This market is stable, but small. The purchase of a large object can also be used for student rental. This market is large, but subject to regulation.

Everything starts with a good advise
A good return is determined by the right choices. It may just be that your house is empty and you have no income, but you do incur costs. And you therefore want good tenants and no defaulters.
Be well informed by people who know the (local) market well, such as A&N Real Estate.

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