Selling your property in 7 steps

Are you going to sell your home? Do it together with A&N Vastgoed. We are a real estate agent who likes to take the initiative. With that active approach we really make the difference. We use all communication channels that can be important. We use this to draw attention to your home in several ways. This way you sell your home faster and for a better price.

STEP 1. Choose A&N Vastgoed
You have decided to sell your property. Ideally, you want the sales process to run as smoothly as possible and your home to be sold at a high purchase price. A&N Vastgoed has been active in the Hague region for over 20 years. We are specialists who can guide you through the entire process of selling your property. We identify, advise and mediate from start to finish for you and stand for professionalism and quality. The process starts with a non-binding, extensive informative conversation in which you discuss your wishes with our broker. This conversation takes place at your home. After that, the broker can determine a recommended asking price and the value of the house. You will then receive tailor-made advice, geared to your personal situation.
STEP 2. Determine the asking price
It is important to ask the right price for your property. A too high asking price means that you will not get viewings, a too low asking price is a missed opportunity. That is why we inspect your home thoroughly. We also conduct an extensive field survey: we consult various registers, databases and other information sources, we look at the structural condition and the quality of the house and we check zoning plans and environmental aspects. Is it an apartment? Then we also check the status of the Association of Owners (HOA) and the maintenance fund. We then determine the asking price in consultation with you. That price partly depends on the market, the sales strategy, the possible delivery period of your next home, your and our vision.
STEP 3. Develop the communication strategy
Publicity is essential to interest potential buyers. A&N Vastgoed is creative in the use of various communication channels. From promotional materials for your home to media in our office. From media such as our website, and Facebook to open days. Together with you, we consider what is desirable in your situation to deploy and when. This can be done immediately or at a later time, to boost interest. A possible buyer would like to be informed as well as possible.
STEP 4. Receive viewers
Are there interested parties to plan viewings? Then it is up to A&N Vastgoed to coordinate appointments and supervise the viewings. We also inform the viewer (and the buying broker) extensively about the status of your home. The advantage of our guidance is that we can estimate the next steps through personal contacts with prospective buyers: what can we optimize in the strategy to achieve a good end result? The viewings are carried out by one of our brokers; you do not need to be present at the viewings. Afterwards we will inform you how the viewing went. We also keep in touch with your potential buyer and his or her buying agent. In this way we maximize the chance that that potential buyer will become a real buyer.
STEP 5. Conduct negotiations
If a candidate makes an offer for your home, we will notify you as soon as possible. We will discuss the offer in detail with you, together with all additional conditions and the delivery date. We honestly give you our opinion. We also advise you on the further strategy. You don't have to negotiate yourself. You keep control, we maintain the contacts. You are guided every step of the way, but you are the one who decides!
STEP 6. Draw up the purchase agreement
When the negotiations have been successful, we draw up a purchase agreement. We will confirm the agreements made in writing, such as the date of the transfer. We also include any dissolving conditions in the purchase agreement. When all signatures have been placed, the purchase agreement is concluded. From that moment on, the buyer still has three days of legal reflection. During this period, he or she may still waive the purchase. The original signed sales contract goes to the notary, a copy goes to both you and the buyer.
STEP 7. Pass the deed of transfer
As soon as the notary has received the purchase agreement, an appointment is scheduled for the signing of the deed of transfer. This is also known as 'notarial transport'. Before you go to the notary, the buyer will want to inspect your home: is everything in the agreed condition? Of course our brokers also supervise this inspection, which usually takes place before notarial transport. We are also present with you for notarial transport.
You are officially no longer the owner of the house if:
- you have signed the deed of transfer with the notary;
- the deed of transfer is entered in the public registers at the Land Registry.

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