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A&N Property Management takes care of the administrative and technical tasks of managing your property. We take away all the hassle and stress. We're not only good at it, we enjoy it!

Throughout the year, your property manager schedules regular face-to-face meetings to ensure everything is going according to plan. We will be up to date with the current condition of your property and the requirements and preferences you have.

A&N Property Management is the first point of contact and offers 24/7 calamity service for tenants. 

We offer a comprehensive service. Take a look at our service packages and select the service that suits you best.

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Management of your property in 7 steps

Management of your rental properties for peace of mind.


News about the continuously changing housing market.


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A&N in four words


Every day, our team manages your rental properties with a lot of enthusiasm. Thank you for choosing us and will do everything in our power to make everything run as smoothly as possible.

You are a valued customer, and we like to put in the time and effort you deserve. Your personal rental specialist and/or property manager will keep in close contact.

Where do we find the time? Our rental and management processes are supported by automation so we can work efficiently and without errors.


Thanks to many years of experience, we are affiliated with an extensive network of high-quality professionals.

We manage your property professionally. Our advanced A&N system supports us in doing so.


We stay up to date with ever changing laws and regulations. A&N Vastgoed has been a real estate specialist for more than 25 years. We know all the ins & outs of rental market in The Hague.

We will keep you informed of any changes. Updates are posted in your personal portal, and we regularly send newsletters with the latest news from the housing market.


Long-term return for you as a property owner is the objective.

Thourough screening of prospective tenants results in maximal occupancy.

If required, we will advise you on the maintenance of your homes, with a focus on sustainability and the long-term perspective.

We believe in transparency and straightforward advice.

Our people

Your property management specialists.

Property Manager (teamlead)

Julia Mak van Waay

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